Entopia Emerges From its Cocoon

There used to be an attraction in Batu Ferringhi called the Penang Butterfly Farm.  But about a year ago, the Butterfly Farm closed.  The facility underwent a massive expansion and it was rebranded as Entopia, an insect zoo (with a few other invertebrates and some reptiles thrown in for good measure).  Entopia had its “soft opening” on May 2 and we decided to check it out today.  Tickets are discounted right now, as there are still some displays that are unfinished and some critters not on display yet.  For long-term residents of Penang, it might be worth it to wait a few months until the whole place is up and running.  Since our family is leaving in a month, it was definitely worthwhile to visit today.  

The central atrium is open-air and has many, many butterflies flying around.
One of the Entopia mascots.
We found a butterfly resting on the sidewalk and encouraged him to fly to a safer space.
He sat on my finger and then crawled over to Simon’s.
Sleepy baby.

In addition to the open-air portion, there’s a two-story indoor section–called the Cocoon–full of interactive exhibits and insect cages.  Simon had a great time in this space and may be getting just old enough to start understanding the displays.  We also lost him on one occasion.  An employee found him before we did and we were reunited in under five minutes, but that’s a new experience that I don’t need to repeat anytime soon.  

Riding the escalator through the blacklit room.

The little rhinoceros beetle was my favorite of the mascots.

It’s a phylogenetic tree, drawn to look like a subway map.

It was unintentional, but mother and daughter dressed alike today. Maroon pants, striped shirt, and blue accents.


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