Bonus Weekend

When you’re living in a foreign country and 40 weeks pregnant, you don’t make plans too far in advance.  But since the baby shows no inclination to arrive just yet, our family decided to take advantage of our unscheduled free time.

On Saturday evening, we attended another event at the Esplanade.  This was the 3rd Annual Penang Yosakoi Parade.  Now that I’ve attended, I’m still not exactly sure what this was, but it seemed to be a celebration of Japanese heritage, a commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the Japanese tsunami, and a cosplay event.  Plus–and this is a direct quote–“Mardi Gras-style street dancing.”


Lined up for the parade.
These warriors looked pretty fierce.
So Simon picked up some flowers from the ground and handed them to the warriors.


Flower Power, by Bernie Boston, 1967
Also, Storm Troopers. Because why not?
A former Uber driver recognized me and asked me to pose with his crowd from Penang Womens Development Corporation.
They were super fired up about gender equality, and it was pretty cool to see such a diverse group marching together.
On Sunday, we made an outing to the Youth Park, which I think has a new name (Penang Municipal Park), but most people still call it Youth Park.  It’s beautiful–super shady and sprawling, with sports fields, playgrounds, pools, and trails.  This is my favorite park so far, and we will definitely be coming back.

Big kid.

Gigantic playground.

Near the playground was a reflexology path.  You are supposed to take off your shoes and walk on the poky rocks.  There were a couple adults treading very gingerly upon the rocks and looking rather uncomfortable.  They were all pretty amazed when Simon stripped off his socks and went treading around without any trouble.  


Reflexology chart.
I’m exempt! But a question: aren’t C. and D. rather repetitive ?
Looking zen on the reflexology path.

Cute little footsies.

Good thing that I read up on the park beforehand.  We planned ahead and brought Simon’s swimsuit.  It turns out that there’s even more than one swimming area, but we just stayed in this one for today.  It was actually pretty crowded–everybody needs relief from this intense Malaysian heat wave!

Splish splash!

Then we had another welcome surprise!  Our friend Afi drove over to the park to meet us.  Simon was delighted to see her!  She explained that she’s been super productive at school lately and was giving herself a little well-deserved time off.  (In fact, she just submitted her first research paper for publication, hurrah!)

We all went out to lunch together at New World Park Hawker Center.  This may be my favorite outdoor food court yet.  There were a whole lot of options and since it’s not on the side of a street, it’s much safer and quieter for a family meal.  We will definitely be returning.

Mee goreng, a classic Malaysian street food.
Joel ordered a half dozen of these adorable little things. They’re called pai dee, and they’re tiny little pie crusts filled with shredded root vegetable (turnip?), and topped with a bit of fried egg and spicy sauce. Yum!


Afi spent the morning baking, and she had a surprise for Simon after he finished his lunch: chocolate cupcakes!
It’s true: the way to a boy’s heart is through his stomach.


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