Beijing Puppy

Simon has a new word and I credit Beijing with the development.


Beijing, aka Peking.  Home of the Pekingese and lots of other floofy little dogs.  But I actually saw very few dogs that could be legitimately characterized as Pekingese, the breed we know in America.  All the same, small little dogs ruled the streets in our neighborhood.  Here are just a few of them.

IMGP9715 (1280x848)

IMGP9825 (848x1280)

IMGP9828 (1280x848)

IMGP9830 (1280x848)

IMG_3417 (1280x960)


And some weird cats, for good measure.

IMGP9827 (1280x848)
“Hello. We’re friendly. Won’t you please release us… into your nightmares?”

It’s common for Chinese attractions to have a security checkpoint.  At this place, the guards had a pet cat who slept on top of the baggage x-ray machine… a CAT SCAN!! Hahaha!  Ha.

IMG_3393 (960x1280)
Cat scan, ha ha! Get it?

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