There’s No Easter Bunny in China

Easter isn’t a big deal here.  No Easter bunnies.  No egg dye kits in the grocery aisles.  None of that weird fake grass.  And needless to say, there are no Easter church services because there aren’t many churches in the first place.

Well, we did see these rabbits and parakeets for sale in Guangzhou last week.
Well, we did see these rabbits and parakeets for sale in Guangzhou last week.

My favorite part of Easter is dyeing Easter eggs, so I decided to uphold that tradition.  I wandered the produce section of the local grocery store, scouring the shelves for foods that stain.  In the end, I came home with curry powder (for the turmeric), red wine, purple sweet potatoes, and mulberry juice. Nothing came out wildly vibrant, but they produced a lovely mix of earth tones.

Earth-toned eggs.
Earth-toned eggs.

After Simon’s morning nap, we packed up and headed to Yelidao, or Yeli Island.  The name has multiple suggested translations, depending on where you look.  “Wild Raccoon Island.”  “Wild Beaver Island.”  “Wildcat Island.”  With such confusion about its animal inhabitants, I decided we might as well assume it to be Easter Bunny Island.  Yelidao is a popular weekend hangout in Zhuhai.  From the Xiangzhou neighborhood, you simply cross a small bridge on foot to get to it.  There, you find people flying kites, bicycles for rent, souvenir stands, ice cream carts, kids with dipnets, and lots of green space for a picnic overlooking the seawall.

IMGP9436 (1500x994)
Quad-cycles for rent at the entrance to Yelidao.
IMGP9375 (1500x994)
Man selling kites.
IMGP9428 (1280x848)
This path circles the whole island.

A picnic is just what we had in mind: I packed ham sandwiches (so Easter-y!) and little pastries from one of the shops in Tangjia.  We ate our meal and let Simon wander to his heart’s content.  He was particularly interested in the sea.  He’d walk to the seawall, point at the water, and open his mouth to say “wooowwww” but was so excited that no sound came out!

IMGP9405 (1600x1060)
The silent “wow.”
Family selfie!
Family selfie!

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