Wacky Foods and Packages (Pt. 1 of many)

I have so many pictures of crazy food packages that I just don’t even know where to start.

Joel wants hair like Jackie Chan.  Keep trying, dear.  Maybe after a few more washes.

IMG_3879 (1125x1500)


Cola flavored kids’ toothpaste?
Tricksy, dentists.  Very tricksy.

IMGP7494 (1500x993)


Back in the U.S., Simon really liked these squeezable applesauce snacks.  And so did I, when I wasn’t fretting over the wasteful packaging.  They are rare here but I found this one, flavored “Vegetable Juice Mud.”
IMGP7501 (994x1500)


This is Simon’s favorite breakfast food.  It’s apparently purple potato oatmeal.  Nothing strange about the packaging; I just think it’s weird.

IMGP7362 (848x1280) (744x747)



What’s for lunch?  “Torpid & peppery beef.”  (In the upper right portion of the bowl.)  Because lazy cows are the tastiest.

IMGP7361 (848x1280) (848x969)


But of all the instant noodles, this is my favorite.  Doesn’t that little piglet seem to be saying, “Mmm, I’m cute AND tasty!?”  Not know it’s real name, I just call these “Cute Pig Noodles.”  The same company also makes Cute Cow, Cute Chicken, and Cute Squid, but Cute Pig is definitely the best.


IMGP7287 (995x1500)




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