A Wee Leprechaun in Zhuhai

Uncle Mike’s Pub was having a St. Patrick’s Day party this evening.  They requested a leprechaun.  I told them I could arrange that.IMGP8264 (849x1280)

IMGP8265 (848x1280)He was a hit with all the expats at the pub this evening.  The Chinese, on the other hand, have never heard of St. Patrick’s Day or leprechauns.  So imagine the poor Chinese guy who is waiting to get on the elevator in our apartment.  Doors open, and there we stand, with Simon in his costume.  The guy looked at us, squinted to check out the beard, realized that we’d intentionally drawn on our kid’s face, and just laughed nervously, waiting for the ride to be over.

IMGP8260 (847x1280)


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