Goan Beach Holiday

Hey, how’s the weather in Minnesota?


(Sorry.  That was uncalled for.  I’m ashamed of myself.  Really.  I’ve been trying to refrain for days, but I caved.  Don’t hate us.)

Our latest stop in India is in the tiny beach town of Agonda, near the Euro-holiday hotspot of Goa.  We are staying in a “beach hut.”  It’s just a platform, four plywood walls, and a hay-and-tarp roof.  These huts are raised and removed every year around the monsoon season, so they are simple and cheap.  (And yes, there’s an attached bathroom.)  Think of it as beach camping, but with a comfy bed.  🙂

Our beach hut.

Our hut has a view of the ocean.  In fact, the waves are so loud that they wake me up at night.  Oh, life is hard!  But the heat here is oppressive mid-day, so we avoid the beach then.  Instead, Simon naps or plays under the huge, tarped roof that covers several huts.  We sit on our front porch or have a lassi at the open-air restaurant about 25 yards away.

So nice to be able to play under the shade!

Sunrise and sunset are the best times for the beach, and all the tourists come out to walk then.  In the mornings, there’s a lot of beach yoga.  In the evenings, we see some locals fishing.  It’s very laid-back: no big condos or hotels, just  a string of beach huts for about a mile of curved beach, capped with tall hills at either end.

Happy on a morning walk.
The sand is lovely.
Check out the color coordination!
Even at its busiest time, the beach is pretty empty.
Everyone does morning yoga on the beach.
Watching the ships go by.
Do-doo be-do-do...
Do-doo be-do-do…


Rinsing off before going back into the hut.
How long did it take you to notice the cow in this photo?

So here’s something that takes some getting-used-to.  Cows.  On the beach.  Sea cows.  Moo.  Cows are welcome everywhere in India, so that means that you’ll find them wandering through towns, on the highway, in school yards.  I thought I’d grown accustomed to it, but there’s still something jarring about cows on the beach.

IMGP7158 IMGP7156

This cow is Joel’s girlfriend. After we’d been out for a swim, she walked up and started licking the sea salt off his arm. “Blech,” says Simon.

One thought on “Goan Beach Holiday”

  1. The beach hut looks like one of the most awesome things ever, should be a part of any and every vaca!

    Talk look great, keep up the great tourism.

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