Hurry up and wait

Woke up at 3:45 this morning to catch our flight out of MPLS. Now we are living through a 10-hour layover in Chicago. I’m glad I didn’t cancel my cell service yet, as I’m taking the time to try out different communication possibilities. Just signed up for Instagram and linked that to Facebook. If all goes according to plan, this post will also go to FB via Hootsuite. Of course, just because it works in America doesn’t mean it will work in India or China but it’s worth a try.

Had a lovely last evening in St Peter last night. Brandy & Greg incited us to dinner with the Burs and then Lois drove us to the hotel near the airport. Good to talk to our friends one last time. We’ll miss them all.


2 thoughts on “Hurry up and wait”

  1. I’m guessing “incited” is just a typo for “invited” but it sure made me smile to think of “inciting a dinner” the way one hears of “inciting a riot.” Made me check what google offers by way of completions it one types in “inciting a.” Naturally the first choice is “riot,” but the second is … “brewhaha.” If someone can incite a brewhaha, then they certainly can incite a dinner.

  2. Very funny, Max! Indeed, we were invited. And I am reminded of the challenges of mobile typing–small keys, fat thumbs. Keep an eye on the Russell-Heins Household, though. If anyone is going to have a brewhaha, it just might be them.

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